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About Sava Trade

We have made
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We are a digital assets trading and management company, providing blockchain-backed investment products to investors, who wish to create financial stability and security through secure investing.

When we created Gemini Gapital, we had one primary objective at heart, and that is to make the process of investing as simple and clear as possible, such that anyone with a desire or goal to build financial investment can do so without having to be a professional.

We are not just the best investment company out there; we are your best financial partner.

Our Features!

Why we are Trusted

$0 Commisions Investmenting
While others still charge a very low commission, we charge zero commission on all our digital assets.
Quick Profits Payout
Payouts of profits from investments are quickly sent to investors provided wallet address.
Competitively High ROI
Compared to a lot others out there, we pay investors a very high return on their investments.
Multiple Investment Options
Investors can choose from a variety of investment products or build a portfolio of assets.
Our Mission
To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

Financial wellness on demand

We understand that everyone has different financial goals. We can help you choose the best strategy to complement your financial needs, support your long-term plans and enhance your personal situation.

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Our Methodology

We believe the dynamic nature of investment markets, coupled with our expertise, lets us add value over and above the markets we operate in. For many of our funds, we aim for investment returns above those of the relevant market index. Put simply, we aim to outperform the benchmark.

  • Client Oriented
  • Timely Transactions
  • Consistent Returns